Real estate and

Our lawyers understand that real estate means more than just business. Our expertise and experience across a wide variety of real estate transactions enables us to tackle diverse issues and provide cost-effective and commercial solutions for your business and key strategies.

We undertake specialised real estate transactions including tenders, private treaties, collective sales, development and sales of residential, industrial and commercial properties, refinancing arrangements, amalgamation of titles, subdivisions, privatisation of estates, and leases and tenancies.

We routinely advise real estate developers and owners, landlords, management corporations, owners and managers of shopping or mixed developments, mortgage financiers, investors in real estate and hoteliers. Our advice covers a wide variety of commercial and corporate transactions, including acquisitions, joint venture agreements, structuring of companies, acquisition of land for redevelopment and property-related investment transactions.

We can advise you in a range of areas, including:

  • Tenders and private treaties
  • Collective sales
  • Developers’ sales of residential, industrial and commercial properties
  • Refinancing
  • Amalgamation of titles and sub-divisions
  • Leases and tenancies
  • Acquisition of land for redevelopment
  • Joint ventures and structuring of companies for specialised property-related investment transactions
  • Privatisation of estates.

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